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In this edition of the Clinical Journal of Mycology Vol V these are the articles that you will be able to find:

- Prof. Amin Karmali continued his work on the enzyme analysis of Mushrooms. In this article Prof. Karmali states the results gathered after comparing Inonotus obliquus (Chaga), Auricularia auricula and Poria cocos. The results shown in the tables relate to testing made with the mushrooms when in the presence or absence of Digestive enzymes.

- Chris Newton from the Centre for Immuno-metabolism discusses the possibility of mushroom nutrition as a way to compete with gliadin (part of gluten) for the Dectin-1 receptor. Beside this, the beta-glucans within the mushrooms will upregulate the process of autophagy which is essential to keep cell homeostasis in the gut and increase the food tolerance.

- Prof. Tito Fernandes, Prof. Ana Barros and Prof. Jorge Ferrão analysed the effects of supplementation with Coriolus versicolor in a sample of male and female rat. This article shows the conclusions they reached after monitoring the rats for 90 days.

- Prof. Vittorio Calabrese and collborators after writing articles on both Coriolus versicolor and Hericium erinaceus discuss on possibility of having both mushrooms working together to manage the development of Alzheimer's disease in its early stages.

- In the last article of the Journal researchers from diferente Universities discuss on the possibility of using the biomass of Coriolus versicolor as a prebiotic. To do this they mimicked the conditions of the gastrointestinal tract and show the growth of bacterial species commonly presente in the human flora.

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In this edition, Dr Rajendra Sharma presents the results of 13 patient study on the use of Coriolus-MRL supplementation (4,5 g day over 90 days) in Leaky Gut Syndrome. Dr Jean Monro outlines a prospective trial design for HPV control with Coriolus versicolor. A prostate cancer case study is outlined in which the patient, Gary Bates, describes his experience taking Coriolus versicolor an Cordyceps sinensis supplementation while undergoing hormone blocking treatment. Dr Girao Bastos outlines the use of Coriolus supplementation in a dog with prostate cancer. The TCM lecturer, John Tindall, provides a protocol on the use of Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) in gout. Prof Amin Kamali provides an enzyme analysis of Agaricus blazei biomass which explains how the mushroom supports the immune system.

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