About us

Welcome to Mycology Research Laboratories, Ltd.

Our objective

Since 1997, the firm has focused on the clinical development of mushroom nutrition to prove their inherent health benefits that allow for the development of disease modifying therapies.

MRL products contain both the mycelium and primordia (young fruitbody) of the mushroom cultivated into a biomass on an edible, sterile (autoclaved substrate). The cultivation process ensures that the biomass is free from contamination by other fungi or bacteria and that heavy metals and pesticides are two distinct issues.

Following cultivation to ISO 22000:2018 standards, the biomass is dried, powdered and tableted to FSSC 22000 standards. The powder presentations are accredited to EU and UK organic standards.

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Our Quality Standards

Mycology Research Laboratories has a commitment to the product quality and all the production process is garantee and certified by several institutes.

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Scientific Advisory Board

In 1998, MRL formed an international Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) to advise MRL on all mushroom nutriton clinical development and basic research, both in the human and animal health areas. The SAB members are: