4. Enzyme Analysis Per Tablet of Corpet

Mushrooms contain a number of enzymes. The following table outlines the enzyme content and activity of Corpet.

It has been known that enzyme therapy plays an important role in several clinical conditions such as in cancer treatment, malignant lymphoma and cardiovascular disorders (3).

The mushroom enzymes in Corpet (Coriolus versicolor) are thought both to prevent oxidative stress and to inhibit cell growth in several diseases (4).

Enzyme Content and Activity 1 Tablet (500 mg) Corpet
1 Protein content 17.3 mg
2 Reducing sugards 14.8 mg
3 Protein-bound polysaccharide 91.5 mg
4 Peroxidase activity 67.2 mU
5 Laccase activity 521.5 mU
6 Glucoamylase/ Beta-glucansase activity 6.9U
7 Protease activity 5.9U
8 Superoxide dismutase (SOD) activity 77.1U
9 Cytochrome P-450 0.51 nmoles
10 Cytochrome P-450 reductase 11.9mU


(3) The Possible Role of Mushroom Nutrition as a Delivery Agent for Enzyme Therapy in Cancer Care-Chemical and Biological Properties of Mushroom Nutrition-Professor Amin Karmali, ISEL Lisbon. Published in Mycology News Vol (1) Edition (7)
(4) Ibid. page 2.