Clinical Articles

The following section outlines the clinical papers, posters and proposals that refer to the clinical use of MRL mushroom nutrition products. This information is for healthcare practitioners only and should not be provided to members of the general public.
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Presented at the 5th International Symposium on Mushroom Nutrition, University of Westminster, June 14th, 2002.

A request was made to CytoGenex to determine whether the MRL nutritional support products, known as Coriolus (BN 03143), Reishi (BN 02194), Cordyceps (BN 03021) and Maitake (BN 03165) had any significant toxicity when tested with a standard toxicity screen. A system has been developed by Cytogenex laboratories based on the liver cell line, HepG2. Toxicity has a number of connotations, but Cytogenex Laboratories takes the term to mean that the test article causes 'no apparent loss of viability of cells used as an assay system'. Viability in this context is taken to mean that cell integrity is maintained. Loss of viability for a cell population is equated with the occurrence of cell death by the mechanism of apoptosis or necrosis. This presentation presents the results of this analysis.

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