Clinical Articles

The following section outlines the clinical papers, posters and proposals that refer to the clinical use of MRL mushroom nutrition products. This information is for healthcare practitioners only and should not be provided to members of the general public.
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This poster presents strong scientific evidence that monoclonal antibodies raised against beta glucans from MRL´s Pleurotus ostreatus also recognize beta glucans from other MRL products which is very interesting regarding their tertiary structure. The importance of the tertiary structure of beta-glucans is due to the fact that all beta-glucans with anti-tumor activity exhibited this tertiary structure. (Presented at the 12th International Chemical and Biological Engineering Conference (CHEMPOR 2014), organized by the Department of Chemical Engineering of the Faculty of Engineering - University of Porto and Ordem dos Engenheiros (the Portuguese Engineers Association), held in Porto, Portugal, between the 10th and 12th of September, 2014